TALES FROM THE TAILS… A trio of little stories from the Blind Scooter Guy’s canine friends



Scooter’s Story:

When my Dad first came and fetched me, I was so relieved. The people where I lived had not treated me very well. I cannot remember exactly what they did to me, but there was lots of shouting, swearing and many smacks. The yard I was locked up in was smaller than my parent’s bedroom now. The people I lived with for the first few months of my life even had the audacity to give me a stupid name like Dumpie. I was not a very happy dog. When my new dad fetched me, I was so relieved.


I was allowed to sit on the front seat on the drive to my new home. My Dad, as he drove away, looked towards me and said that everything would be alright now. He told me that we were going to my new home where I would meet the nicest lady in the world. She would love me always and I would be her special boy. She would be my new mom.


We drove fast along the highway, passing lots of trucks and cars that roared in the traffic. I just sat like a very good boy and stared at my new Dad. He told me that my name was now changed and from today on I would be known as ‘Scooter’, I was excited. What a cool name hey?


When we got to my new house I was still pretty nervous. I kept close to my dad and walked next to him as he took me around the house and garden. He gave me some nice fresh water that was icy cold and tasted so good. The garden was big with lots of trees and grass to run around on. I had never seen such a nice home. I could not believe that this was where I was now going to live.


A couple hours later my new mom came home. She walked through the red door that separates the front and back yard and stood staring at me for a few seconds. It was almost as if the world stopped turning. Time paused and there I was, looking up to see the most beautiful mommy I had ever imagined. I ran and jumped up into her arms. My mom had found me at last.


My new parents were so cool. My dad made a nice house for me. He got me lots of cool toys and together we ran around the grass and played. My mom brushed all the knotty parts of my hair and rubbed me on my tummy.


When my new parents adopted me I was only 5 months old. I am a golden cocker spaniel and although my folks are both different to me, humans apparently, my mom has the same colour hair as me. We both have long curly red hair. I thought that was so cool.


My folks took me to this place on weekends called the beach. There is loads of soft sand to run on and icy water that crashes along the shore that is really nice to cool down in. My life had turned from a nightmare to a wonderful new chapter. I was the happiest little boy in the world.


One day my dad came home with an old lady dog called Quigley. She was fat and although she was a little small and slow, we fast became great friends. We would walk to the park together where my mom would throw a ball for me and Quigley would wonder around sniffing everything. It was not long and she also lost some weight so we could run together and play more than we had been able to. Everyone loved me so much and although I was still a little nervous at times my world had become a pretty awesome place to live in.


Isabella arrived when she was very small. She is also a spaniel. An English cocker spaniel. Very similar to my kind, just with hair that is more curly. She was brought home to be my girlfriend. I like her, but now that she has grown up and is bigger than me, it is hard to play with her at times. She is a bit of a bully and when she does not get her own way, she becomes something of a bulldozer.


A couple years ago my dad went away on a long trip. When he came home I was so happy. I stood up on my back legs and wrapped my paws around him. I missed him so much and would never let him go again. Then he got really sick and his eyes stopped working. Sigh.


He is ok now. I just have to make sure that I watch where he is walking and jump out of his way because he cannot see where I am standing. I have stopped being a grumpy boy with him now. Well, I have tried to be, but, we are both boys and I do sometimes challenge him for my mom’s attention.


We have lots of friends who come visit me from all over the world. Life is fun and I always have someone to play with. I can chase my ball all day long and never feel tired.


My Dad’s parents also came to live by us now. He has built them a cottage of their own behind our house. I plan to visit them there every day. I have already been going around the building site and peeing on everything so I can claim it as my own.


So, we are all good here and my life is special. I have learned some tricks like how to sit and stand on two legs to get a biscuit. Quigley and Isabella share my food and although we have a couple beds, we normally end up in one by morning time. This sometimes makes me very angry as I don’t like sharing my bed and blankets at the best of times.


I get really cold sometimes, being the small little boy I am. My folks got me two jerseys. One is an old man’s diamond patterned and made out of wool that makes me look very prim and proper, but keeps me nice and warm. The other is a springbok rugby jersey with the number 6 on it. I really like this one.


I have also learned many human words. Biscuit, bed, sit, foods, park, mommy, etc. I even know what it means when they tell me that my Uncle is coming to visit. I am always so excited. I just can’t help myself.


I wonder if my Dad will ever get a guide dog, I have met one or two of them and they freak me out a little. But hopefully if he does, we can be friends. Right now, he says that he is not planning to but he may still be open to the idea in the future. I wish I could be his guide dog, but I am just a little crazy boy who never learnt those special skills.


Ok, I must go now and very quickly.. I think I hear my dad calling me for a biscuit. Bye. Have a nice day.


Oh yes, before I go, I have a good dog joke for you. Woof, woof, woof, bow wow…. Haha. Tell your own dogs and I bet they will get it if you don’t.

This is a picture of Isabella and me (I am the handsome one on the right wearing the bow tie)
Me and my Dad
I love my ball
Me and my mom
Me snuggling with Isabella and Quigley (I am the one on the right)

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